Specialty Programs

We'll Bring the Tide Pool to You!

If your group can’t meet us at the shore, Coast Encounters will bring the tide pool to you! Carol has been leading presentations on coastal marine life for over 25 years. Her educational programs are specially designed for ages 5 – 95. She has conducted programs at schools, assisted living facilities, libraries, birthday parties and festivals. With her live intertidal specimens, Carol’s programs are fun, educational, and very tactile experiences.

Following are some of the programs Coast Encounters offers.

Each program is customized to suit your needs. Contact Carol for a price quote.

Intertidal Buffet

Delight in a fun, indoor presentation on the coastal inhabitants of the rocky shore. A lively prop-filled discussion precedes the Buffet on environmental stressors and survival skills. Students then use all their senses to closely examine live animals and plants contained in individually labeled bowls of sea water. All creatures are small enough to pick up safely.

An abbreviated version of the Intertidal Buffet is also available as a “self-guided” exhibit. The Buffet’s table-like setup allows participants to browse at their own pace and handle creatures as they feel comfortable. Coastal Carol will be on hand to point out special features and answer questions.

I-SPY Coastal Camouflage

“If you can’t be seen, you won’t get eaten”. Explore the wonders of camouflage by participating in an audience-wide Power Point I-SPY game. Fun for all ages, this game displays a series of photos where participants hone their observational skills and try to spot the creature in the  picture.  Following the game, a station is set up with a table top “inflatable tidepool” for participants to find their own live rocky shore critters hiding within the rocks and seaweed contained therein. All animals are small enough to handle safely.

Green Eggs and Sand – Horseshoe Crabs

Discover the secret life of these prehistoric “helmets of the sea” that aren’t even true crabs! Learn how they play a vital role in the world of shorebird migration and keeping the human race free of disease. Enjoy a rare opportunity to hold and feed these extraordinary creatures that are completely harmless; they don’t pinch, sting, or bite. Carol’s favorite pick!! Only available May- June.

There’s Seaweed In My Ice Cream! – Carrageenan

Discover how prolific seaweed appears in the every day food we eat! Carol will lead a series of activities to reveal how this vital ingredient, an extract of Irish moss, makes things thick and creamy. A tower building competition of carrageenan-contained products is followed by an ice cream social where all ingredients contain carrageenan. This is a deliciously popular activity for any age.

Touch and Tell

Designed for a maximum of 10 participants in an intimate setting, this hands-on experience focuses on local inhabitants of Maine’s rocky shore. Coastal Carol will provide a small assortment of animals and plants of the intertidal region and talk about each one, while giving ample time for examining creatures up close. This is a very informal discussion-based program where stories and questions are welcome.

Algal Edibles

Carol incorporates sea vegetables in her daily cooking. Learn how marine plants are so vital to one’s health and experience a unique cooking class that incorporates local species in delicious and nutritious ways. Some marine-themed dishes include seaweed nut crunch, kanten, bean and grain dishes. This class is vegan-friendly and available for both kids and adults. Prepared catered meals can be arranged also.

Sushi Made Simple

Having a dinner party for six ?  Hire Coastal Carol to be your guide! Sushi may seem mysterious and exotic but making sushi at home is simple and fun. Carol will come to your home (between Portsmouth and Portland) and lead a very hands-on adventure into the art of sushi rolling. Carol will provide a buffet of fillings to choose from (vegan-friendly and no raw fish) and instructions on rolling. Then you’re off to create your own customized sushi rolls. Miso soup and a dessert, both made with sea vegetables, will also be served. Children ages 12 and older are welcome.

Fairs and Festivals

Want to attract a crowd at your next big event? Coastal Carol will bring an assortment of live rocky shore critters to create a very hands on experience for all ages. Whether it’s looking through a magnifier, competing in hermit crab races, or just simply holding live creatures in your hand, Carol’s exhibit is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


Contact Coastal Carol to plan your Maine intertidal adventure.