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Lucky Catch Cruises

Looking for an interactive, hands-on lobstering experience? Check out the folks at Lucky Catch Cruises on Casco Bay. Prepare to get suited up with aprons and gloves, fill bait bags, haul traps, and learn about the fascinating life of lobsters. Unique to these tours is the opportunity to purchase the freshly caught lobsters at wholesale prices, carry them off the boat, and walk around the pier to the Portsmouth Lobster Company where they will cook your lobsters. You won’t find a fresher lobster meal anywhere. Well worth the trip to Portland.

New England Eco Adventures

Strap on your seat belt and experience the ride of a lifetime on a Rigid Inflatable Boat (“RIB”). Every seat has an unobstructed view to gaze out over the neighboring islands and coastline. From lighthouse tours, to whale watches, to thrill rides, New England Eco Adventures has it all for an exhilirating, educational, and eco-friendly adventure on the open sea. Tours are located in Kennebunk and Portland, ME.

Maine Seaweed

Looking to add nutritionally packed sea vegetables to your current diet? Larch Hanson has been hand-harvesting local species of seaweed along the coast of Maine for over 45 years. His low impact approach to harvesting assures complete sustainability of his products. His air drying process is simple and energy efficient. Sea vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, calcium, iodine, trace elements, and are virtually fat-free. Enjoy his Variety Pack, Soup Mix, and Seaweed Soul cookbook.

Festive Fish

Yarmouth artist, Alison Bramhall, creates colorfully, whimsical creations that make you smile. Her wide array of products and designs are appealing to anyone who loves the sea.

Educational Marine Touch Tanks

You may have enjoyed a TOUCH TANK program with Coastal Carol. If so, you don’t have to look any further for a touch tank of your very own. Schools across the country are purchasing touch tanks to house marine fauna and flora for students to observe on a year-round basis. The tanks are made locally in Maine. Marine Ecological Habitats will construct a touch tank to suit your classroom needs. Their customer service is excellent too.

The Gulf of Maine Marine Education Association

The Gulf of Maine Marine Education Association is a local chapter of the National Marine Educators Association. Join marine enthusiasts and educators, both formal and informal, in becoming stewards of the world of water, both fresh and salt.

The Shoals Marine Lab

The Shoals Marine Lab, located 6 miles off the coast of Portsmouth, NH is a world leader in the field of marine science education. Whether you are a high school, college or graduate student, SML has Cornell credit courses to introduce or advance the knowledge of marine science. Island sustainability opportunities are also available. 


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