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Plan Your One-of-a-Kind Maine Tide Pool Adventure

Each tidepooling adventure with Coast Encounters is completely unique because of the nature of the ever-changing environment along Maine’s rocky shoreline. Coastal Carol will meet your group at a designated time and location based on the low tide schedule for that day. Most common locations are Kennebunk, Wells, and Ogunquit. Other locations between Kittery and Portland may be available upon request.

Your Group and Safety

The ideal group size for an excursion is 4-10 people, though Carol will take out anywhere from 2-14 people. Enjoy meeting other families with similar interests. Private excursions may be available for an additional charge if Carol’s schedule permits.

Though tidepooling is fun, it comes with risks that must be considered before booking.
Based on the very slippery terrain and the nature of the wildlife, excursions require children to be age 7 or older, and have at least one responsible adult present. Adults must also be comfortable navigating over slippery rocks and seaweed, balancing, bending, and crouching often to find critters. If anyone in your party has foot, knee, hip, back, or balance issues, or is pregnant, this tour may not be appropriate for you. Participants will sign waivers the day of the excursion. Carol has been navigating over this region for decades. She will explain safety tips for walking on the slippery terrain prior to your adventure.

Timing and Tides

Excursions begin two hours before low tide and are booked on a first come, first served basis. You can use the tide table on this page to help you plan your day. A typical intertidal excursion with Coast Encounters lasts 2 ½ to 3 hours long.

What to Wear

Remember, we are going tidepooling on the rocky Maine coastline! Plan on getting wet up to your knees. Shorts are suggested.


Proper footwear IS REQUIRED. This means water shoes with good traction soles, closed heel and toe, and no openings on the upper portion. Coast Encounters will supply complimentary water shoes upon request.

Excursion Pricing

$85 for adults
$75 for children (ages 7* – 18)

Sorry no credit cards. Payment is made at the beginning of each excursion.

*Because of the extremely slippery nature of the terrain, the minimum age to participate is 7 years old. 

Gift certificates are available and make a very unique gift!

Specialty Program Pricing

Please contact Carol for pricing.
Email or 207-831-4436

Additional fees for Carol’s travel will be applied to locations north of Portland.


Contact Coastal Carol to plan your Maine intertidal adventure.