“You will get wet, you will have fun - you will laugh and you will learn.”

Want to know what it’s like to learn from Coastal Carol of Coast Encounters? Here are a few testimonials from families, kids, teachers and others who have experienced an excursion or participated in an educational program with Carol.

Heather and Ben B. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Carol is an incredibly special teacher and guide who introduced us to an enchanting underwater world where we encountered baby lobsters, tiny shrimp, pregnant crabs, sea urchins, sea stars and more. Truly one of the most fascinating, educational and fun activities our family has ever done in Maine. Our son was squeamish about holding sea creatures but with Carol’s gentle and patient style he was catching and holding Maine lobsters. He can even distinguish males from females! Don’t miss this hands-on opportunity to explore Maine’s tide pools with one of the state’s top marine life experts.”

Staci G. – Peabody, Massachusetts

“What an adventure we had tidepooling with Coastal Carol. It was amazing to discover and learn all about the rocky shore creatures so close to home. We all can’t wait to go on another adventure with Coast Encounters.”

Emily S. – Chicago, Illinois

“Expect to get your hands wet while laughing and learning about life between the tides. Carol’s unparalleled enthusiasm guarantees a great time for anyone ages 7 and up.”

Jean and John C. – Coventry, Connecticut

“During the past ten years, along with our grandson, we have enjoyed several tide pooling and coastal explorations with Coastal Carol. From the beginning we have found Carol to be both passionate and an expert in her field; she consistently demonstrates the outstanding ability to relate to learners of all ages. Carol is patient in her approach and confident in the abilities of those she meets. She is able to engage a wide age range of kids in cooperative learning activities where all are winners. At the same time, she seeks to convey her great knowledge and respect for the ocean and sea life to those with whom she comes in contact. While on an expedition with Carol, kids and families ‘un-connect the tech’ and come away with an understanding and appreciation not only of the valuable resources of our planet but also of the beauty, wonder and value of the ocean and sea life. We highly recommend an excursion with Carol as part of any vacation to Maine.”

Kreuze family – Acton, Massachusetts

“The highlight of our summer is always the time we spend with Carol. We have known Carol for four years now and have climbed around plenty of tide pools with our two boys. Each time we go tidepooling with her, we learn something new – not just about marine biology – but about the ecosystem and our place in it and how marine life isn’t just in the ocean and tide pools but in the very food we eat! Carol has a wonderful personality and can reach any kid young or old and get them excited about the mystery and beauty hidden under, between, and attached to the rocks of the tide pools. You will get wet, you will have fun – you will laugh and you will learn. It is such a fun way to spend a day for kids and kids at heart!”

Kindergarten Team – William H. Rowe School, Yarmouth, Maine

“Coastal Carol has been the highlight of our ocean unit for years!  Her highly organized and developmentally appropriate lessons and experiences are, no doubt, one of the lasting memories of Kindergarten for our students!  Carol not only has a vast knowledge of the intertidal zone, but she is a gifted teacher. We love Coastal Carol!”

Cathy B. – First Grade Teacher, Mildred L. Day School, Arundel, Maine

“We have so much fun on Coastal Carol’s day.   My first graders enjoy looking at the specimens and being encouraged to touch them is amazing!  Getting to see such an array of marine algae from our ocean is always fun.  Living so close to the ocean, it’s a great opportunity for the children to learn about the creatures, their habitat, and how we can take care of them.  Carol’s Intertidal Buffet program satisfies the following Learning Standards: 1-LS1-1, 1-LS3-1, LS1.D, and K-2- ETS1-1.”

Second Grade Team – Falmouth Elementary School, Falmouth, Maine

“Carol has been coming to Falmouth Elementary School for over 13 years.  Her program is always student centered and hands-on.  The knowledge she brings to the classroom with the Tide Pool Buffet is a perfect complement to our actual trip to the seashore. Carol is our most anticipated guest of the year.”

Loretta C. – Assisted Living Resident, Yarmouth, Maine

“Carol brought the ocean to us and we didn’t even have to leave home!”

Heather B. – First Grade Teacher, William H. Rowe School, Yarmouth, Maine

“My first graders have had the pleasure of participating in the horseshoe crab program for the past 9 years and it is always one of the highlights of our year.  Carol’s passion for sharing her knowledge about horseshoe crabs is clear and students come away with a new understanding of a creature that lives right here on our coast.  The first graders get to see and touch live horseshoe crabs, while learning about what makes them truly one of the most fascinating sea creatures. It is definitely an experience that they will never forget!”

Penny A. – Cumberland, Maine

“Last Spring, the Chebeague & Cumberland Land Trust hosted a horseshoe crab event at one of our protected properties as part of our effort to get more kids out into nature. Carol Steingart was amazing! The crowd of children and adults were fascinated by her presentation and came away with a new respect for not only horseshoe crabs, but the wonder of nature in general. The interest from the community was so strong, she is doing it again this year!”

Nancy M. – Falmouth Foreside, Maine

“My 9-year old and I have been to three of Carol’s amazing horseshoe crab events. Each was better than the last. Carol’s extensive knowledge of and interest in horseshoe crabs enable her to engage children of all ages throughout her time with them. She makes learning fun!”

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